The Canary Island Fuerteventura , also called the Hawaii of Europe and the 365 days of the year wonderful conditions for kiteboarding, surfing and sailing . Jandia and Morro Jable are located near our station at the southern tip of the island at the foot of a mountain range with the highest mountain on the island, " Pico de la Zarza " (807 m high). This can climb and then enjoy a breathtaking view to the long west coast beach of Cofete . The mountain range by the way keeps the cold winds and clouds away and ensures that Jandia / Morro Jable is the area with the sunniest and warmest temperatures of the island.

Jandía / Morro Jable

Morro Jable ( = the original fishing village ) and Jandía ( = the "new" site) are some of the biggest tourist centers on Fuerteventura. Since Jandía seamlessly passes into Morro Jable, the two places are often assembled only called " Jandía " in travel guides or magazines. An extensive , fine sandy , light sandy beach ( located behind the salt meadows under nature protection) is the attraction. Quaint restaurants and shopping venues, are particularly abundant in Morro Jable. Jandia / Morro Jable is especially popular with German tourists .


Restaurants are plentiful in Jandia . It is intended for all tastes . Whether traditional Spanish / Canarian , Italian, Chinese or international. For fish lovers especially the local rental in Morro Jable are recommended. But even for non- fish eaters here is always something for everyone.


Shops can be found in the many shopping centers and in the long shopping promenade with many good and quality shops located in Jandia on the main road . But in Morro Jable are smaller stores to find .


Add to shopping centers of the respective places you can experience as well as in the many bars , cafes and the popular karaoke bars an unforgettable cozy and boozy evening in Fuerteventura.


By the way, communication difficulties (if one has no knowledge of Spanish ) are not to be expected , as it is usually understood and spoken German in restaurants and in stores.