Time to fly

Watersports – especially kiteboarding – has strongly influenced our lives.

This attitude towards life and the fun of doing the perhaps most fascinating surface water sport are represented by our kiteboarding courses. We as a VDWS kite school attach great importance to high-quality and safe training in small groups. Our instructors who provide many years of experience will bring you on the board with our successful teaching concepts and lots of fun.


  • all courses include wetsuit, harness, impact vest and helmet
  • transfer from the hotel to the kite spot is included (from Morro Jable, Esquinzo, Jandia)
  • Guarantee: you only pay for the lessons that took place (no wind = no costs)
  • weight minimum 45 kg, weight maximum 110 kg

- kite course start S    1 day/4h         165 €   kite setup, kite control, body drag

- kite course start M  2 days/7h        279 €   kite/board control, waterstart preliminary practice

- kite course start L    3 days/10h      399 €   waterstart practice

- kite course start XL 4 days/13h      499 €   improvement waterstart and water training on-board

- kite course start XXL 5 days/16h  589 €   water training on-board, riding upwind and sliding transition

Each follow-up day (3h each) costs 89 €

You are an advanced kiteboarder (min. VDWS level 3, safe waterstart, min. riding distance 50m) and want to reach the next level? Whatever you want to learn, with our individual training contents and a maximum of 3 students per instructor we help you to reach your goals. Each student has her/his own equipment (kite & board).

Kite course Pro S      1 day/4h        165€
Kite course Pro M     2 days /7h      279€
Kite course Pro L      3 days/10h    399€
Kite course Pro XL    4 days/13h    499€

Each follow-up day (3h each) costs 89 €

You want to bring a friend and share a lesson? You want to share one instructor and have customized contents to fit any level of kiteboarding? Then semi-private courses are just the right thing for you.

Kite course Semi S     1 day/4h        219€ p.P
Kite course Semi M    2 days/8h      419€ p.P
Kite course Semi L     3 days/12h    599€ p.P
Kite course Semi XL   4 days/15h    759€ p.P

Each follow-up day (4h each) costs 149 €

Private Training

You want on-the-water training with your personal instructor on a highly individual level?

We recommend private lessons, our most effective training.

Kite course Solo S      1 day/4h        299€
Kite course Solo M     2 days/8h      579€
Kite course Solo L      3 days/12h    839€
Kite course Solo XL    4 days/15h   1079€

Each follow-up day (4h each) costs 199 €

You are interested in a kiteboarding licence? After our practical oriented theory class that is followed by an exam, you will receive the VDWS kiteboarding licence according to your kite level. It is valid in VDWS kitecenters all over the world.

Theory class 1 day/2h                       49€      group class including licence and kite booklet




You are able to stay upwind and your transitions are going well (VDWS level 4), but you are not just yet comfortable to be on the water alone? Then let our instructors ensure your safety by monitoring you during their lessons.

Kite-Guide S          1 day/3h        99€
Kite-Guide M         2 days/6h      189€
Kite-Guide L          3 days/9h      269€
Kite-Guide XL        4 days/12h    339€


Rent-All S          1 day          59€
Rent-All M         3 days        165€
Rent-All L          6 days        299€
Rent-All XL        9 days        419€
Rent-All XXL      12 days      529€    

Kite only:
Rent-Kite S        1 day          44€
Rent-Kite M        3 days       125€
Rent-Kite L         6 days      239€
Rent-Kite XL       9 days       345€
Rent-Kite XXL    12 days     439€

Board only:
Rent-Board S        1 day         21€
Rent-Board M       3 days      55€
Rent-Board L        6 days       99€
Rent-Board XL      9 days     135€
Rent-Board XXL  12 days       165€

Fuerteventura is well known for its constant winds. Particularly in the summer months the northeast trade winds blow strongly and constantly.

Our kite lessons take place directly at Sotavento, the famous World cup beach. Perfect training conditions in a standing-depth lagoon, separated from the ocean by a sand bank, ensure your safety while practicing your skills. Depending on the tides, the beautifully located lagoon stretches across Sotavento beach. The rising tides fill the lagoon with sea water, so that you can enjoy a 4 km long, standing-depth area that is up to 200 m wide. Beginners as well as professionals will have a wonderful time. 

Kiteboarding Fuertventura Kite-Revier


For our lessons we use different kite brands such as Airush, Flysurfer and Wainman Hawaii, to cover a wide wind range. All kites are state-of-the-art and exchanged biannually. Different board models of companies such as Northkiteboarding, Nobile, Wainman Hawaii and Cabrinha are available.


Get some great air time! Namely:

Kiteboarding Fuerteventura Airush LithiumIn already two consecutive years we have used the Airush Lithium, a kite designed for just about everything, with a massive range for the user as well as an extreme low-end power for those marginal days. The Lithium takes kiteboarding to a whole new realm. It is a most forgiving and easy to use freeride kite and you should give it a try, when you are interested in a kite with an extreme range.

Kiteboarding Fuerteventura WainmanAnother one of our successful kites is the Wainman Hawaii School Edition, a kite that is powerful and stable in the air, and at the same time has an extremely wide range of use. Even in strong and gusty winds you can handle it in an easy and relaxed way. You will love it and it will bring you to the next level.

Kiteboarding Fuerteventura VironThe Viron is not just any kite, but defines its own kite class. Maximum safety, maximum user friendliness, easy relaunch and an incredible stability. We don’t know any kite that combines these qualities more perfectly. The Viron is the kite for beginners, kite schools, lightweights and kids from 25 kg.

Kiteboarding Fuerteventura Airush DNAThe Airush DNA is a lot more than a beginner’s kite. It is characterized by maximum comfort, a hassle free set up and easy handling. Compared to the Lithium its jumping performance is not as powerful. On the other hand the DNA offers extreme air stability, which makes it one of our insider tips.


In combination with our courses we have non-binding offers for accommodation.

From "economic" to "premium" we can organize you everything you need for perfect Kite-Sail- oder Surfholidays. More Informationens for accommodation are.

Hotline: 0034 618 200 710