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Beginners kite courses Fuerteventura

Kitesurfing courses for beginners
on Fuerteventura

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Course content & information

Are you interested in kiting but not yet experienced? Then our beginner kite courses are your start!

We'll go into the water with you from day one and make you a kiter! We train in small groups with 2 students per trainer.
All kitesurfing courses are of course including neoprene, trapeze, impact protection vest, helmet. The transfer from the hotel (room Morro Jable, Jandia and Esquinzo) to the spot is included, during the course all material is insured by the school.

We have a weight limit for the courses: min. 50 kg & max. 100 kg.

Kite course features

Optimal training with 2 students per trainer.
The water time is 3 hours, but we also like to stay longer.

Surfers Island Shuttle

Shuttle service to all kite courses
Hotel shuttle in the Jandia, Morro Jable, Esquinzo area.

Top Kitesurfen Equipment

Top kitesurfing equipment
The equipment is new and insured

Surfers Island Team

Kitesurf coaches
Licensed, loving and highly motivated trainers

Surfers Island Kite

Fair billing
We only charge what we can offer: no wind = no costs

Stuff Surfers Island

Complete accessories included
Wetsuit, harness, impact protection vest and helmet

Kitespot Fuerteventura

Kite spot
Training in a shallow, tidal lagoon

Course duration & prices

Kite course start S

1 Day / 3h € 150,–

Kite construction, kite control, body drag


Kite course start M

2 days / 6h € 300,–

like start S
+ Control of kite / board, water start exercises


Kite course start L

3 Days / 9h € 450,–

like start S, M
+ Water start exercises


Kite course start XL

4 Days / 12h € 600,–

like start S, M, XL
+ Optimization of water start and driver training


Kite course start XXL

5 Days / 15h € 750,–

like start S, M, L, XL
+ Driver training, "keeping your height" and turning

Kite course booking / request

Bei Online Reservierungen haben wir, auf Grund einer hohen Auslastung,
eine Bearbeitungszeit von ca. 3 Tagen!

Bei kurzfristigen Anfragen, 
kannst Du uns gerne direkt per WhatsApp oder telefonisch kontaktieren !

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