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Kitesurfing Camps Fuerteventura

Kitesurfing Camps
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That guarantees you
the maximum learning success!

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Kitecamps 2021

We rely on "quality instead of quantity"!


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Surfers Island Kite-Camps

Discover the fascinating world of water sports

Discover a world free from worries and everyday stress in our camps. All that counts is wind, waves and the salty taste on tanned skin. You will love it! A few hours of class a day are not enough for you and you want that aloha feeling to run through your entire vacation ?! With BBQs, yoga sessions together, additional theory units and chilling out together, your hotel vacation will be an adventure where you will learn a lot, have a lot of fun and get to know people who share your passion. Sounds good?! Then book YOUR camp now!

Our Kite Camp Fuerteventura offers you intensive training in kitesurfing on Fuerteventura - ideal for beginners and intermediates. For over 10 years on Fuerteventura and highly motivated as on the first day, our team has been training kitesurfing under ideal conditions in the Sotavento lagoon in the south of Fuerteventura. By the way, since 2013 only 3 schools have been allowed to teach in the Sotavento Lagoon. We are one of them and we look forward to more space on the water, which has significantly increased the quality of the training! The safe wind, small groups of max. 4 students per teacher in a 3x1 km standing area are perfect conditions for a successful training!

If you want to learn kitesurfing on Fuerteventura, you will not only find professional guidance in our Kite Camp Fuerteventura, but also benefit from our excellent local knowledge. It is important to know when the best conditions for kitesurfing in Fuerteventura are; We know exactly when the Sotavento lagoon in Fuerteventura is ideal for kitesurfing. Not only the tides play a role for kitesurfing in the Fuerteventura lagoon, but also, for example, the position of the moon.

And just like at other spots, when kitesurfing on Fuerteventura it is important to know the optimal entry point, which not only offers space for taking off and landing, but also the right wind direction, as well as undisturbed conditions for school. All of this goes without saying when kitesurfing with Chris, our kite camp partner on Fuerteventura. The team on Fuerteventura also ensures a great atmosphere outside of the course activities and kitesurfing.

Discover the fascinating world of water sports

Discover a world free from worries and everyday stress in our camps. All that counts is wind, waves and the salty taste on tanned skin.

You will love it!


07.08.-14.08 2021 | 21.08.-28.08 2021 | 04.09.-11.09 2021 | 18.09.-25.09 2021
02.10.-09.10 2021 |16.10.-23.10 2021 |30.10.-06.11 2021| 13.11.-20.11 2021

Kitecamp Features

- Flight
- Transfer from the airport to the Ocean World Hotel
- 5 days of kite lessons depending on wind and tide (3-4 hours daily)
- Transfer to the training area
- 2x yoga
- 7 nights in a single or double room in the Ocean World Hotel
- Including breakfast with the camp participants
- 1x barbecue evening at the water sports station

Ocean World Fuerteventura


At the kite lagoon, lessons are only given at the best wind times, as the wind data are continuously checked, so our students do not lose valuable learning time and energy when kitesurfing on Fuerteventura in suboptimal conditions! For this reason we have fixed dates for the Fuerteventura Kitesurf Camp.

Kitesurfing is only trained in Fuerteventura when there is high tide in the Sotavento lagoon.
This guarantees you the maximum learning success! The team has been training kitesurfing on Fuerteventura for years and knows the subtleties that make the difference to the usual training methods.

We focus on "quality instead of quantity" and train in small individual groups according to the tried and tested VDWS concept. Since the development of each student is different, we individually analyze your weak points in order to be able to train in a targeted manner. The owner Chis has lived on Fuerteventura since 2004 and not only he, but his whole team are water rats through and through!

In addition to kitesurfing, surfing is also taught. If the wind is not optimal (rarely, but unfortunately possible) there is a perfect alternative program!

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Accommodation & training


At our kite camp on Fuerteventura, the surfer lifestyle is not neglected either! Together with the other camp participants you live in the kite house in Jandia. Kite experiences can be exchanged here in a relaxed atmosphere - and one or the other boozy party will certainly be celebrated under the Canarian starry sky ...

When there is calm, you can go stand-up paddling (SUP), surfing or mountain biking, or take a trip to El Cotillo on the northwest coast. The beach is very beautiful and also popular with the locals. There is barbecues, partying and by the way there are also good waves. An absolute highlight is the sunset on the terrace of the restaurant "La vaca azul" with a view of the Atlantic.


In the Sotavento lagoon of Fuerteventura there are very good training conditions for kitesurfing: It is an azure blue, shallow freshwater lagoon, which with 3x1 km offers enough space for everyone. Here kitesurfing is trained with a maximum of 4 students per instructor. If you get on at the right place, you can kitesurf with a constant wind that is untypical for Fuerteventura.

The otherwise rough Sotavento wind is much more pleasant in this part of the lagoon. The theoretical part of the course is “packed” into practice and lessons in the water are started as early as possible, always with a view to the best conditions. The aim is to kitesurf independently at the end of the Fuerteventura Kite Camp or to expand your skills (advanced)!