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Kitesurfing & kite courses Fuerteventura

Kitesurfing & kite courses
at Fuerteventura

Beginnsers Kite Courses

Kitesurfing for beginners
on Fuerteventura

Advanced kite courses

Advanced kite courses
on Fuerteventura

Private kite courses

Individual kite courses
for 1 or 2 people

Supervised kitesurfing

Safe kitesurfing
on Fuerteventura

Kitesurfing - get in the air with us!

Water sports and, above all, kite surfing have had an intense impact on our lives. The attitude towards life associated with kitesurfing and the fun of what is perhaps the most fascinating sliding sport make up our lessons. As a VDWS kite school, we value high quality and safe training in small groups. Our trainers have many years of training experience and will bring you to the board with proven training concepts and lots of fun.

Kitesurfing courses features

Kite courses (from 14 years, min. 50kg and max 100kg) for all levels!
Constant telephone availability for questions and problems.

The water time is 3 hours, but we also like to stay longer!
Optimal training with 4 students and 2 kites per trainer.

Kitesurfing equipment

Top kitesurfing equipment
Latest kites from CORE KITE
All courses including material insurance


Our team is certified and experienced.
Licensed, loving and highly motivated trainers!

Kiteboarding area Fuerteventura

World cup Kite area
Training at the perfect spot,
in a shallow, tidal lagoon.

Fair billing

Fair billing
We only charge what we can offer! No wind = no costs.

Spot Shuttle Service

Shuttle service to all kite courses
We take you to the spot and back.
Hotel shuttle in the Jandia, Morro Jable, Esquinzo area.

effektive Kurszeiten

Effective course times
From the 1st day we go into the water / no land training! Optimal training with 3 students and 2 kites per trainer.

You Tube Channel Surfers Island

Feel free to visit our Surfers Island YouTube Channel!

The new Sotavento lagoon video from April 19, 2021 is online

Beginners kite courses

We'll go into the water with you from day one and make you a kiter! We train in the tried and tested 2: 1 body system developed by the Association of German Water Sports Schools. The beginner kite courses build on each other.

Advanced kite courses

Are you already an experienced kiter (at least VDWS level 3, safe water start, at least 50 meters ridden) and want to reach the next level? We help you to achieve your goals through individual training content and a maximum of 3 students per teacher.

Private kitesurfing courses

We offer you private kite courses for 2 people or for you alone. Here you will learn the fastest and precisely tailored with guaranteed success.

Supervised kitesurfing

You keep your height safely and your jibes work too (VDWS level 4), but you still feel uncomfortable going out on the water alone? Then join us during the course times and take advantage of the security of always having an instructor close by.

Kitesurfing & kite area on Fuerteventura

The kite area Fuerteventura is known for its very constant winds throughout the year.

The strong, constant north-east trade wind always blows here, especially in the summer months. Our kite training takes place directly on the World Cup beach in Sotavento. Optimal training conditions in a shallow lagoon, protected by a sandbank, give you the security you need to learn. In a dreamy location, the lagoon spreads over the beach of Sotavento depending on the tide. Over a length of 4km, an up to 300m wide, shallow area is filled with sea water.

From beginners to full professionals, everyone gets their money's worth!

Kitesurfing with top equipment

Our kitesurfing equipment is professional, well-maintained and insured.

For our training we work with various kites from the brands CORE, Flysurfer and Wainman Hawaii in order to cover the largest possible wind range. All kites are up to date and are replaced every six months.

For the second year in a row, CORE has succeeded in developing an extremely harmonious kite with the Nexus, which is not only a miracle in comfort with a lot of power and a large wind range, but also displays a sportiness that can only be found in this combination rarely finds. Therefore, we can only recommend everyone who is looking for a kite with a wide range of uses to give this kite a try.

With the Wainman Hawaii School Edition we have a stable, easy-to-use and powerful kite with a huge range of uses. Even in strong, gusty winds, it flies super relaxed. You will love him and he will take you to the next level.

The Viron is not just any wing, it defines a class of its own for kites. Maximum security, maximum usability, easiest relaunch and unbelievable stability. We don't know of any glider that combines these properties better. The Viron is the kite for all beginners, kite schools, lightweights and kids from 25 kg.

There are various boards available from Northkiteboarding, Nobile, Wainman Hawaii and Cabrinha.