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Surfers Island Team

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Station manager

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Your kite course

First day of kiting: 1. short equipment check 2. small introduction 3. into the water :)

Your surf course

Full body workout with lots of fun!

Surfing or kiting?

If you would like to write to us directly, then via WhatsApp!

Surfers Island Team

Welcome at our place. We are a small, homogeneous team and we are all passionate about water sports. We have all been on Fuerteventura for several years and feel very comfortable. We are not only colleagues but also friends who also spend a lot of time together privately, not only on the water.

We look forward to everyone who participates in kitesurfing or surfing with us.

Chris Owner Surfers Island Fuerteventura


Your contact for all questions

In 2002 the native of Berlin was drawn into the distance. On Fuerteventura he has been windsurfing, kiting, surfing and cycling a lot. He has been part of Surfers Island since 2008 and makes sure that you get the right answers to your questions. He is almost always available, well informed, solution-oriented and loves his job more than anything. Just write him a WhatsApp on +34 618 200 710 or give him a call.

Surfers Team Tim


VDWS Kite Instructor & ISA Surf Teacher

Tim has been living on our beautiful island for 4 years and is a real all-round talent. His heart beats for water sports! Be it kiting, surfing or windsurfing - he is on the water every free minute and always wants to get higher in the air with his jumps. In him you will find a top contact person if you have questions about the wind and all related courses.



Kite Instructor

Our kite instructor Yoshi has been living on Fuerteventura for eight years now. He made his first experiences in kitesurfing at the Baltic Sea and has already led many training courses there. He was drawn to the Canaries because of the wonderful wind conditions. As soon as the wind is right, Yoshi is on the water. 10 m jumps, rotations or board-offs are always on his to-do list and he makes everything look incredibly easy. He'll be happy to teach you that too.

Yoshi is also a great surfer and also supports us there in the surf courses!



ISA Surf & Kite Instructor

Our Italian language talent fell in love with our beautiful island 10 years ago. He has always given courses, so as an experienced and passionate teacher he has the right tips and tricks ready for each of you and tells you the best spots. No matter if wind or waves!

Benji Surfers Island Team



Benji has spent the last three years in the Canary Islands, knows every surf spot on Fuerteventura and surfs the waves as if he has always been here. In fact, our always good-humored Hungarian has only been living on Fuerte for 2 years. Two things should not be missing in his lessons: fun and El Capitan - his dog, who is loved by everyone. His motto is: "Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!"

TOM Surfers Island



As a flight attendant, Thomas was usually only able to see the sea from above. So in 2016 he decided to change his job and pursue his real passion - surfing, which he discovered many years ago in El Cotillo. He knows how difficult it is at all beginnings and brings incredible patience to all of his surf lessons - be it teen, kids or adult courses.